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On March 31, 2008, RACT became the 11th state Reflexology association to become affiliated with our national Reflexology association - RAA. Now you can join both associations and receive the benefits of membership on both the state and national levels. Membership year is on a fiscal basis - from July 1 to June 30 of each year.

Membership in both state and national levels is not required, but strongly encouraged. Your continued involvement in each association helps to strengthen our right to practice legally and gives us a voice on state and local issues. Members enjoy the benefits of networking, public awareness, referrals and job opportunities.

RACT and RAA have two (2) levels of membership. Click on the membership level to download and / or print a membership form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please mail your membership and renewals to

Susette Christensen
80 Wellswood Road, Unit 5
Amston, CT 06231

  • Professional Membership - is open to individuals who have completed (200 hours) of Reflexology training and are certified by their school or certified by a non-profit national testing board (ex. ARCB, NTCB, RCB).

    • Professional RACT members can gain business exposure via RACT Practitioner Business Listings page of RACT website (additional fee applies).

    • Professional RAA members can obtain a Personal Page link from the RAA website for an additional fee.

    • Professional members have a right to vote, hold office, receive RACT newsletters and RAA quarterly magazines, discounts to RAA and RACT sponsored conferences and events. RAA Professional members are eligible to receive a $25 liability insurance discount with ABMP. Contact ABMP at or call 800-458-2267 for more information.
    • RACT Professional members receive a complementary listing on the "Current Members" page of the RACT website.

  • Associate Membership - is open to non-certified Reflexologists not meeting the Professional member level standards of 200 hours or national board certification, Reflexology students, Reflexology schools, businesses, or other benefactors who support the growth and development of the field of Reflexology.

    • Associate members receive RACT newsletters, RAA quarterly magazines and receive a complementary listing on the "Current Members" page of RACT website.

    • Associate members can voice their opinions, but do not have the right to vote or hold office.